Milward Holding, SA Milward Trading, SA CIS IPS CMSA

(Milward Trading, SA) is a company established with general trading license to operate worldwide.

This company has been created by professional businessmen, with large experience and specialized in the Spanish Cement and Construction Materials Markets.

The company is mainly involved with products such as:
• Cement
• Clinker
• Minerals such as Iron Ore, Baryte, Limestone, Clay and Gypsum.

In Addition, the company is also operating with other commodities such as :
• Crude Oil and Derivates
• Steel (rebars & scrap)
• Ceramics (tiles & bricks)
• Marble and Natural Ornamental Stones
• Synthetic Fibers

Among our experience in the past 20 years, we have been directly involved in Clinker and Cement trading, in order to cover the highly increasing demand in Spain from 1990 to 2007. During this period we have been mainly focused in the local market, not only importing from the outside, but also establishing distribution channels all around the national territory, to cover the local needs. Nevertheless, in the past four years we have been also focusing our efforts to reach other emerging markets such us South America, West and North Africa, Russia and Arabic Countries.

Concerning Cement and Clinker, our Suppliers are located in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, and Far East (China, Indonesia and Korea). This activity has given us a large experience in the transportation of the goods, since we are frequently in charge of the freights and logistics involved in the supply of these materials.

MT has established an efficient network of dedicated human resources in order to analyse, evaluate, and respond to the customer’s needs. This is achieved by:

• Providing and supplying the various commodities directly from the producers to the customers.
• Taking care of the transportation and logistics.
• Providing excellent banking facilities for all transactions

Concerning Steel, Synthetic Fibers, Ceramics and Marble, our experience mainly refers to the local market, nevertheless we have made several exportations of tiles and marble to UAE and Russia. The suppliers of these products are also from the local market, mainly because of the quality, but we are beginning to work with Chinese and Turkish suppliers too.

MT has two offices, even the main activity is covered from the Spanish branch:

MT (Sede)
C/ 53 Este - Urbanización Marbella
(Torre Swiss Bank - piso 2)
Ciudad de Panamá - República del Panamá

MT (Operaciones de Comercio y Banca)
C/ Oso nº 11, 28707
San Sebastián de los Reyes
Madrid - Spain
Director: Sr. M. Sánchez